The mouse is related to Jupiter and Apollo. It is known as intelligent and helps good people to happiness, in which it solves tasks that the human being can not do by himself. Mice attacks are believed to be a punishment from God. The mouse is a pretty, nimble, clever, helpful and caring animal. Mice appear in stories as good helpful spirits who help the child to succeed in solving his tasks so that he can get justice. The house spirit, fairies or nature spirits such as dwarfs often show up in mouse form. The mouse is a good, intelligent, helpful and wise spiritual guide. It gives humans the ability to constantly renew their energy and gives them confidence in their awareness. It warns not to run anxiously from one corner to another, but to go forward into one's own inner depths. This is where sacrifice stops and strength is found. It knows the complex ways, secret doors, greater and hidden connections to everything that has to do with the human being. The mouse shows her and him intelligent ways of escape.


The art historian Dr. Friedhelm Häring wrote:

"With the artist Patricia Vogler Ursula Paul

has developed the painting style "form signs intuitive".

[This term includes painting following by

the intuition of the artist. For the creative process

is essentially the preparation through meditation.

This "participation mysticism" allows access

to the information from another world,

which is uniquely and artistically expressed

in form and color.] In their energy cushions,

in which they hope to rediscover the origin

of the pure primitiveness of the unused,

as Jean Dubuffet (1901 - 1985) declared.

In 1949 he wrote: "The rough art is to be preferred

to the cultural art." Surely here lies

the root of the intentions and intuitions 

which they present their dedicated works."


Her fantastic look into the inner world brings forth delicate art full of light. No explanation or preparation is needed for her type of painting, which is achieved through meditation. Inspiring works of art, which are sensitive, intuitive, guided from her and created with joy – form signs intuitive, the new painting style. Her art of the new age connects her with the word erwünsch.Holz


Mandala Bina travels in the world of spirituality. Happy as a child even though she did feel she was different from others. Her joy for creativity she developed by painting. She loved to express her fantasy in brightly colored, glowing pictures. Mandala Bina is the woman, who is allowed to paint your soul, which she knew after her initiations. 


Mandala Bina is Initiator of the international project of art „send love to our earth“ that should heal the earth. The international art project, that wants to inspire and connect fine Artists. Art painted for the earth, Art designed for the earth. Therefore, shows your love for the earth.


"The blue planet, our earth, is being gutted it feels exhausted and wishes to be healed.


The international art project „send love to our earth“ will help. The earth will absorb the energy from the Artists that are thinking about the earth during their working process. Therefore, my vision has become reality. For me it is important, that our modern world, that exploits the earth, shall heal her with modern methods. Here I see the chance for compensation."

ursula paul

The Artist Ursula Paul has been 

a painter for many years. She loves nature and feels happy in her joyful world of natural colors. Creativity is her passion; by designing, creating, drawing and painting, since her early childhood. She enjoys reading art magazines, art history literature and taking long walks. Together with her artist colleague, Patricia Vogler she has developed the new style of painting „form signs intuitive“.


Her curated hangings enthuse the public. Art is more! For a fixed time an inspiring and never told story is written. The merged, appropriative hangings connect artworks and spaces. This concept is written in the book of her and Patricia Vogler „The temporary concept of the story — location + art = connecting“. 


Style of painting


After experimenting by painting on different textiles, such as crepes de chine, silk and linen, she integrates different objects and materials today; found pieces from nature, earth and acrylic paste. 


Her most beautiful model is the earth.


Ursula Paul’s paintings are informal. In her informal paintings, the natural earth tones come alive.

Many paintings of Ursula Paul remind us respectfully of our origin. They are developed in a meditative process and do not create something, but create thru something.

Patricia Vogler

Patricia Vogler studied at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt and at the KvB Institute of Technology, Sydney. At the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences she was a lecturer. She works as a cross-media designer and her works have received several awards. She is a member of the AGD (Alliance of german designer) and TDC (Type Directors Club N.Y.). In 2014 a work of the artist was bought for a public collection. The work „interreligiös“ is since 2017 in the property of the 

Ministry of the Interior. 


Since 2020, she has been developing computer-generated art. 


Style of painting


In Patricia Vogler‘s abstract paintings, a lot of space is given to random form. The colors flow into each other, are blurred and rolled over and dissolved again. Pastose color compounds, sandy surfaces, soft and plaster-like pastes - from 

smooth to cracked and rough - they are reacting restiveness and shapeless grounds. This creates multi-layered works that appear fine and fragile. 


Besides canvas and metal, she also paints on glass. Layers of foils, translucent and painted papers and photographs are embedded, which are between and under

 the glass panes.


Very closely, they carry new information. It seems as if they keep a poetic secret. Drawn signs and symbols support this impression. The pictures remind us that we are a part of the mystical creation.




form signs intuitive


This term describes painting that is purposeful and follows the intuition

of the artist. The painting should cause impulses in the viewer: Curiosity,

comfort, reflection, interpretation, activation of self-healing. To the process of 

realizing the preparation is a fundamental part. Patricia Vogler connects directly 

through meditation with the purpose or the person. This „participation mystique“ 

allows an access to information, which is artistic and unique in form and color.


Visual communication works more clearly, subconscious and individual than

language. Perception and recognition have two components: objective

and subjective. In the place of need, willingness and openness, a process is 

activated carefully and thoughtful. 


Art of the new age